TA SDT 650 provides simultaneous measurement of weight change (TGA) and true differential heat flow (DSC) on the same sample from ambient to 1,500 ˚C. TGA: Measure the rate of change in the weight of a material as a function of temperature or time. (weight loss or gain due to decomposition, oxidation, or dehydration) DSC: Measure the heat flow difference between reference and sample as a function of temperature or time to identify physical changes in the materials. (phase transitions) What Simultaneous DSC-TGA can tell you? Thermal stability of materials-Explicate decomposition mechanism, identification & quality control Oxidative stability of materials-Oxidative decomposition of organic substances in air/O2 & thermal decomposition in an inert atmosphere The estimated lifetime of a product-Related to thermal stability Decomposition kinetics of materials-Rate of reaction etc. Moisture and volatile content of materials-Loss of moisture, drying, desorption, etc.

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Thermal Gravimetric Analyzer

University of Sri Jayewardenepura

Product Category/ Test Name (Matrix):

Thermal property measurement

Sub Category:

Thermogravimetric analysis



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Manufacturer TA Instruments Funding Source
Model TA SDT 650 Whether the equipment service can be provided to external researchers/institutions Yes
Manufactured Year 0000 Availability of Technically Competent Staff Yes
HS Code saranga@sjp.ac.lk Instrument Condition Functioning well
Vendor Name Commencement of Operations Date 0000-00-00
Vendor Contact InstrumentPrice 0.00
Vendor Url Stage of the Record Incomplete
Catalog Aceess
Catalog Upload View File
Catalog Link http://science.sjp.ac.lk/instrumentcenter/instruments/ta-sdt-650-thermal-gravimetric-analyzer/
Institute University of Sri Jayewardenepura
Faculty Faculty of Applied Science
Department Office of the Dean
Laboratory Instrument Centre
Contact Person Name Dr. Saranga Diyabalanage
Email saranga@sjp.ac.lk
Phone Number
Mobile Number 0773668918
Product Category Thermal property measurement
Sub Category Thermogravimetric analysis
Testing Paremeters Determine a material’s thermal stability and its fraction of volatile components by monitoring the weight change that occurs as a sample is heated at a constant rate
Description Thermogravimetric analysis, or thermal gravimetric analysis (TGA), is a method of determining the overall mass of a sample as a temperature-dependent property. Mass change as a function of temperature is a fundamental property of many materials as they degrade and lose volatile components.
Relevant Instruments TGA
Technical Specification
Number of samples per cycle 0
Number of samples per day 0
Total usage hour per day 0

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