The testo 871 thermal imager combines high infrared resolution with professional measuring performance and easy handling. Its high-specification 240 x 180 pixel detector, an integrated digital camera and, last but not least, the innovative functions are the features that impress. The testo Thermography App enables the testo 871 to offer smart thermography to meet professional requirements in industry and trade. The case supplied with the thermal imager means it can be conveniently transported, so it is always there for you when needed. Image resolution : 240 x 180 detector with Super-Resolution feature to give 480 x 360 image quality, 90mK NETD. Fixed-focus 35 degree lens.

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Thermal imager

University of Ruhuna

Product Category/ Test Name (Matrix):

Metallography and Material analysis

Sub Category:

Microscopy, Furnace, smart thermography, Hardness


Thermography, Thermal image

Service Charge (Rs) -

Manufacturer Funding Source University fund
Model testo 871 Whether the equipment service can be provided to external researchers/institutions Yes
Manufactured Year 0000 Availability of Technically Competent Staff
HS Code Instrument Condition Functioning well
Vendor Name Orel cooperation (Pvt) Ltd. Commencement of Operations Date 2020-05-19
Vendor Contact 0114792100 InstrumentPrice 0.00
Vendor Url Stage of the Record Incomplete
Catalog Aceess
Catalog Upload View File
Catalog Link
Institute University of Ruhuna
Faculty Faculty of Engineering
Department Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
Laboratory Engineering Material Laboratory
Contact Person Name Head of the Department
Phone Number 0912245765
Mobile Number
Product Category Metallography and Material analysis
Sub Category Microscopy, Furnace, smart thermography, Hardness
Testing Paremeters Material testing, Optical imaging
Relevant Instruments Microscope, Furnace, Thermal imager , Hardness tester
Technical Specification
Number of samples per cycle 0
Number of samples per day 0
Total usage hour per day 0

Under Development Stage

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