This meter checks the moisture content in grains and seeds accurately and quickly, it is compact, easy to use and the moisture measurement readings are instant. It helps decide the ideal time to harvest the crops and helps keep a constant moisture content of the grains and seeds.

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Grain Moisture Meter

Rajarata University of Sri Lanka

Product Category/ Test Name (Matrix):

Food Quality

Sub Category:

Solid and Liquid Food Samples with fat


Moisture, Seed Paddy, Rice, Soybean, Barley, Wheat, Maize

Service Charge (Rs) -

Manufacturer G-WON HITECH Funding Source University Fund
Model GMK-303A Whether the equipment service can be provided to external researchers/institutions Yes
Manufactured Year 2013 Availability of Technically Competent Staff Yes
HS Code Instrument Condition Functioning well
Vendor Name Analytical Instruments (PVT)LTD Commencement of Operations Date 2013-02-26
Vendor Contact 0112639000 InstrumentPrice 67292.00
Vendor Url Stage of the Record Completed
Catalog Aceess
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Institute Rajarata University of Sri Lanka
Faculty Agriculture
Department Plant sciences
Laboratory Plant Science Laboratory
Contact Person Name Dr. D.A.U.D. Devasinghe
Phone Number 0252221611
Mobile Number
Product Category Food Quality
Sub Category Solid and Liquid Food Samples with fat
Testing Paremeters Free Fatty Acids in 1 minutes, Peroxide Value in 4 minutes, Iodine Value in Palm Oil in 2 minutes,
Description The speed and ease of use of CDR FoodLab® is analytical methods become competitive advantages for food industries producing oils or fats, or that employ them as ingredients.CDR FoodLab® can determine:Free Fatty Acids in 1 minutePeroxide Value in 4 minutesp-Anisidine Value in 2 minutesSoaps in 2 minutesIodine Value in Palm Oil in 2 minutesPolyphenols on Olive Oil in 5 minutesCDR FoodLab® is the chemical analysis system designed and developed to provide accurate results at every step of the production process: the system is so easy to use that it can be utilized not only in a laboratory, but real time at the production plant for process control or quality control, even by staff with no previous specific lab tech experience.
Relevant Instruments Food Lab
Technical Specification
Number of samples per cycle 1
Number of samples per day 50
Total usage hour per day 5

Under Development Stage

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