Cholorophyll meter can be used to determine the amount of chlorophyll present in plant leaves. The amount of chlorophyll present in plant leaves can serve as an indicatorof the everoll condition of the plant itself.

The SPAD value determined by the SPAD-502Plus provides an indication of the relative amount of chlorophyll present in plant leaves.

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Chlorophyll meter SPAD 502 Plus

Rajarata University of Sri Lanka

Product Category/ Test Name (Matrix):

Chlorophyll Meter

Sub Category:

SPAD Meter


Service Charge (Rs) -

Manufacturer Konica Minolta Funding Source AHEAD/ Faculty DP
Model SPAD-502Plus Whether the equipment service can be provided to external researchers/institutions Yes
Manufactured Year 0000 Availability of Technically Competent Staff Yes
HS Code Instrument Condition Functioning well
Vendor Name Laboratory Solutions International (pvt) Ltd. Commencement of Operations Date 2021-04-02
Vendor Contact +94332289274 InstrumentPrice 498999.00
Vendor Url Stage of the Record Incomplete
Catalog Aceess
Catalog Upload View File
Catalog Link
Institute Rajarata University of Sri Lanka
Faculty Agriculture
Department Agricultural Systems
Laboratory Agroecology Laboratory
Contact Person Name
Phone Number 0252235102
Mobile Number
Product Category Chlorophyll Meter
Sub Category SPAD Meter
Testing Paremeters Measure - chlorophyll content, SPAD value
Description This device that is widely used for the rapid, accurate and non-destructive measurement of leaf chlorophyll concentrations.
Relevant Instruments SPAD 502 Plus Chlorophyll Meter
Technical Specification

Measurement subject Crop leaves
Measurement method Optical density difference at 2 wavelengths
Measurement area 2 mm×3 mm
Subject thickness 1.2 mm maximum
Subject insertion depth 12 mm (with stopper having position adjustable from 0 to 6 mm)
Light source 2 LED elements
Receptor 1 SPD (silicon photodiode)
Display LCD panel showing 4-digit measurement value (values shown to first decimal place) and 2-digit number of measurements; Trend graph of values in memory can also be shown.
Display range -9.9 to 199.9 SPAD units
Memory function Memory capacity for up to 30 values; Calculation/display of average of data in memory also possible
Power 2 AA-size alkaline batteries
Battery performance More than 20,000 measurements (when using new alkaline batteries under Konica Minolta test conditions)
Minumum measurement interval Approx. 2 seconds
Accuracy Within ±1.0 SPAD units (for SPAD value between 0.0 and 50.0 under normal temperature/humidity)
“*” added to display when measurement exceeds 50.0 SPAD units
Repeatability Within ±0.3 SPAD units For SPAD value between 0.0 and 50.0 (with no change in sample position)
Reproducibility Within ±0.5 SPAD units
Temperature drift Within ±0.04 SPAD units/°C
Operation temperature/humidity range 0 to 50°C; Relative humidity of 85% or less (at 35°C) with no condensation
Storage temperature/humidity range -20 to 55°C; Relative humidity of 85% or less (at 35°C) with no condensation
Size(WxHxD), Weight 78 x 164 x 49 mm, 200g (excluding batteries)
Other functions Warning buzzer; User compensation factor

Number of samples per cycle 0
Number of samples per day 0
Total usage hour per day 0

Under Development Stage

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