Plastic itams manufacturing use with injuction mould

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injection moulding machine

National Engineering Research and Development Centre

Product Category/ Test Name (Matrix):

CNC Machine

Sub Category:

Unmanned machining operations, Engineering Tool, Manufacturing Industry


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Manufacturer china railway materials & supplies Tianjin Funding Source NERD
Model HTF 200X/HATITAN Whether the equipment service can be provided to external researchers/institutions Yes
Manufactured Year 0000 Availability of Technically Competent Staff
HS Code Instrument Condition Functioning well
Vendor Name Commencement of Operations Date
Vendor Contact InstrumentPrice 0.00
Vendor Url Stage of the Record Completed
Catalog Aceess
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Institute National Engineering Research and Development Centre
Department Energy & Environmental Engineering Department
Laboratory Technical Incubator
Contact Person Name Mr Vishvanath
Phone Number 0112236284
Mobile Number
Product Category CNC Machine
Sub Category Unmanned machining operations, Engineering Tool, Manufacturing Industry
Testing Paremeters NA
Description CNC machining is subtractive manufacturing technology, and it is a process used in the manufacturing sector that involves the use of computers to control machine tools like lathes, mills and grinders. This technique allows to machine components with high repeatability and precision, perform unmanned machining operations, improve production planning, and increase productivity. Here the parts are created by removing material from a solid block (called the blank or the workpiece) using a variety of cutting tools
Relevant Instruments CNC Machine
Technical Specification

injection capacity (ps) 375g

injuction stock 210mm

clamping Force 2000KN   

space Between tie Bar (H*V) 510mm*510mm

Mould opening stock 470mm

Number of samples per cycle 0
Number of samples per day 0
Total usage hour per day 0

Under Development Stage

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